Turnkey Websites

By Nolan Domenech

What Is A Turnkey Website?

A turnkey website is an online business that we can build from the ground up or an online business that you can take over from the previous owner and it is equipped with all the systems you need to continue generating revenue and visitors.
You'll find a lot of personal definitions from folks who are trying to sell you these types of websites, but in our opinion, if they don't provide you a step-by-step game plan then it really isn't turnkey. You should expect us or the previous owners to help you take over the site successfully.

Types of Turnkey Niche Websites

The most common type of site would be for a service-based business.
This is because services are the easiest to start and in fact, our business/website falls in that category (we offer services to help affiliate marketers grow their business). There are also local lead generation websites and these also fall under service-based businesses since you are offering a service that sells leads to local businesses.

The second most common, but probably the most popular, are content-based businesses.
Content sites generate traffic from their social media, articles, videos, photos and are monetized in various ways. These sites are all about audience building at the end of the day and they're popular because you can take the traffic and apply almost any business model.

Finally, there are e-commerce-based business sites and these are businesses that come with inventory, or in the case of dropshipping, they work without buying inventory (which can be powerful!). Again, all these types of businesses need our training in order to be considered turnkey.

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